Healdsburg’s new Sicily-inspired winery is pouring the best white wine you’ve never heard of

Downtown Healdsburg’s Aeris is likely the first California winery to produce Carricante, a coveted Italian varietal
by Esther Mobley, San Francisco Chronicle, February 2, 2022

One of the most coveted white wines from Italy, rarely seen in California, is finally coming into the spotlight. Carricante, a grape variety from Sicily, is now considered by some experts to be the finest white-wine variety anywhere in Italy, and wine geeks have developed a craze for it in recent years. Though it’s still relatively obscure by global standards, Bay Area shops and restaurants can seldom keep Carricantes from top Sicilian producers like Benanti, Salvo Foti and Pietradolce in stock, so coveted have they become among the cognoscenti.

Now, a new tasting room is opening in downtown Healdsburg that will serve Sonoma-grown Carricante — the first example of the variety to be made in California, its owner believes.

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