Both the steep slopes of Mt. Etna and the rolling hills of Piedmont have winemaking that’s rooted in traditional methods. Our winemaking at Aeris utilizes these traditional methods to retain the purity and focus these varieties possess without needless intervention. Our philosophy is founded on expressing the unique character of these native Italian varieties grown in a completely new viticultural area, and is built around the following core ideas –

  •  Viticulture is strictly organic with minimal input, allowing the site to dictate the character of the final wine.
  •  Careful site selection combined with conscientious farming and the appropriate clone and rootstock choices allows for optimal and balanced ripeness.
  •  Winemaking that emphasizes the natural expression of character, with fermentations utilizing indigenous yeast without the use of nutrients or other additives.
  • Red fermentation is done primarily in open top oak vats, many with submerged cap, a common practice among traditional producers of Nebbiolo.
  • White fermentations are done in temperature controlled stainless steel to capture and preserve the delicate aromatics.
  • Aging through extensive use of large oak casks allows for gentle maturation in the cellar without disguising the wines with new oak barrels.