While few Americans have heard of Carricante, we firmly believe it is one the world’s greatest white wine grapes. At its best, Carricante produces ageworthy white wines that exhibit intoxicating aromatics and complex rich fruit buttressed by outstanding acidity and intense minerality. Carricante is often difficult to judge when young as the complex aromatics require some time in the bottle in order to fully develop. Also, in order to experience Carricante’s unique charms, it is important that it not be blended with other white grapes. For this reason, there are only a handful of accurate Carricante bottlings in the world today.


Nebbiolo is widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest red wine grapes. At its best, Nebbiolo is utterly intoxicating with an ethereal palate, mind boggling complexity and tremendous thrust. For these reasons, we are extremely passionate about the wines of Barolo, Barbaresco and the Alto Piemonte but there are many puzzling, unanswered questions surrounding this extraordinary grape.

Nerello Mascalase

Our fascination with Nerello Mascalese developed hand-in-hand with our fascination with Carricante. After tasting some of the stunning wines made from Nerello vineyards on the north side of Mt. Etna, we were surprised that the wider wine world wasn’t more familiar with the grape! The best examples remind us of everything that we love about great Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo- bright red fruit, complex aromatics and a savory, earthy finish. Much like with Carricante, we felt that Nerello Mascalese was a perfect fit for the growing conditions, altitude and unique geology of our Centennial Mountain Vineyard.